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There are two things we can give our children. The first is roots, the last is wings.

Welcome to Kettering Park Infant Academy

Park Infant Academy is a happy, friendly, safe and encouraging place where everyone feels welcome and valued; a place where achievement is expected and is celebrated; a place where all members of the school community care about each other and are kind to each other; a place where...read more

Before you read more about our wonderful school please take two minutes to watch this film on how just 10 minutes each day can make a huge difference to your child's education. 

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  • Event
    12 February 2019
    Book Fair
    Kettering Park Infant Academy Book Fayre will be open during Parent Consultations on 12th, 13th and 14th February. We have a fantastic array of books for your choosing. If you don't have any money on you by all means choose your books, leave them with us and pay by the end of the week. Pupil Premium will also be accepted.
  • Important
    11 February 2019
    Reminder regarding nut based products
    We have a number of children in school who have nut allergies, particularly to peanuts. Some of those children will experience Anaphylactic shock and require medical attention urgently if they are even in CLOSE CONTACT with a nut product. Can I ask for your cooperation therefore in that you consider very carefully what you are putting in to YOUR CHILD'S packed lunch and DO NOT send in products that are obviously NUT BASED such as peanut butter, biscuits containing nuts or peanut based products. This will help us to keep the children concerned safe in school and minimize the risk of accidental contact
  • Reminder
    8 February 2019
    Numbers Day
    Don't forget its Numbers Day on Friday 15th February. We look forward to seeing all your imaginative ways of dressing up as a number.
  • Event
    6 February 2019
    Parent Reading
    Don't forget our parent reading sessions. Please check schoolping/website calendar to confirm dates.
  • Event
    6 February 2019
    Murder Mystery Event
    Please see attached.
  • Event
    5 February 2019
    Maths challenge
    Please see details of our exciting new maths challenge below. For every photograph you send in your child will receive 10 dojos and an entry into the raffle. The raffle will be drawn just before Easter. This is a fantastic opportunity and we look forward to seeing all of your pictures.
  • Event
    1 February 2019
    Mufti Number Day
    On Friday 15th February Kettering Park Infant Academy will holding a fun filled mufti day to celebrate Number Day. There will be lots of activities throughout the day based on numbers and math. We invite all children and staff to come dressed up in numbers. Please see pictures below for some ideas. There will be a bucket in the hall for any loose change you wish to donate and all proceeds will go to NSPCC. Thank you.
  • General
    29 January 2019
    Schoolping feed not updating
    Good morning, We believe that some parents are having issues with Schoolping not updating. Please see below some trouble shooting ideas. 1. Check that your phones operating system is up to date. 2. Check that you have enough memory available on your phone and if not delete apps/photos for it to work. 3. Delete and reinstall the app. 4. If the above does not work then contact the school office on 01536 481922 or office@parkinfantacademy.co.uk where we will contact schoolping direct to help resolve the issue.
  • Event
    25 January 2019
    Easter Fun
    Please see below.
  • Weather
    22 November 2018
    What to do on snow days
    In the event of heavy snowfall, for safety reasons and ensuring the correct ratio of staff to children being supervised in school, the school may need to close. In these circumstances we will endeavor to send a message via Schoolping to advise, you can check to see if the school is open or closed by checking on Facebook or the school website, Alternatively, listen to BBC Radio Northampton – frequency 104.2 & 103.6FM; Heart Radio in Northamptonshire – frequency 96.6FM or Connect FM – frequency 97.2 & 107.4FM and these will also broadcast school closures. If conditions are not so severe and the school remains open, please ensure your child has suitable footwear and clothing to travel to school. A pair of dry socks in their book bag may be a good idea and a change of shoes or boots . Thank you.
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