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Family Support Worker


Hi, my name is Mandy Vowles and I am the Infant Academy’s Family Support Worker.

My job is to help you to help your child get the best out of their time at the Academy and give emotional and practical help and advice to families that are having long or short-term difficulties. I’m not here to judge you!!

There are quite often things going on at home that we like to think aren’t affecting the children, when in fact they see, hear and pick up on more than we give them credit for.

If I can offer help with whatever is troubling you or your family that can only be a benefit to your children and hopefully improve on how well they do at the Academy – not just in the classroom, but forming relationships with other children and adults and in their mental wellbeing. Focusing on the ‘whole child’.

Things I can offer:-

  • Sleep Workshops – the most recent in November 2018.
  • Strategies and ideas for handling Anxiety/Anger/Unwanted Behaviour
  • Domestic Abuse Support and signposting
  • 123 Magic Courses for behaviour management
  • Solihull Approach – 1:1 and Parenting Group 
  • Early Help Assessments - enabling you to access help from outside agencies
  • Help with Attendance issues
  • Liaising with other professionals e.g. Academy Nurse, Health Visitor
  • Family Learning – courses over the Academy year covering many subjects e.g. Resilience, Sewing, Christmas Activities, Literacy, Numeracy.
  • Drop-in Sessions or Home visits – a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Advice and support.

Pop in and see me during the Academy day, or better still phone/text 07854313858 to make an appointment.

Family Learning Courses 2018/19

Wednesday mornings until 19th December (9-11am) - Sewing to Recycle

Wednesday afternoons until 28th November (1-3pm) - Resilience

Thursday afternoons ongoing (1-3pm) - English for EAL Parents

Coming Soon

We are excited to be getting involved with 'Evolve Your Future' which is an organisation which is dedicated to helping people improve themselves.

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