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  • To develop our pupils as Speakers and Listeners we:
    • Give them opportunities to express their ideas to a range of audiences.
    • Provide a range of opportunities and experiences where the children can rehearse and perform speaking and listening.
    • Give them opportunities to take part in group discussion and drama activities.
    • Encourage them to listen and respond appropriately to others.
    • Help them to understand the need to adapt their speech to different situations.
    • Give them opportunities to evaluate and reflect on their own speech.
    • Encourage them to use the vocabulary and grammar of Standard English whenever appropriate.
  • To develop our pupils as Readers we:
    • Teach them to read accurately and fluently using a range of strategies.
    • Give individual reading targets to children.
    • Provide a range of opportunities across the curriculum for children to further develop reading.
    • Help them to understand and respond to what they read using inference and deduction where appropriate.
    • Allow the opportunity for children to reflect on and discuss what they have read, including the language and punctuation choices made by the author.  
    • Enhance their understanding of a variety of text types including non-fiction, fiction and poetry.
    • Encourage them to develop a love of reading and become confident, fluent and independent. 
    • Teach them how to seek information and learn from the written word.
    • Use drama and role-play to engage children in the text.
  • To develop our pupils as Writers we:
    • Teach them to write effectively for a range of purposes and a range of reasons, adapting their vocabulary and style as appropriate.
    • Encourage them to write with interest, commitment and enjoyment.
    • Show them how to write in a variety of genres with different purposes such as stories, poems, reports and letters.
    • Show them how to evaluate and edit in order to improve their own writing.
    • Give individual writing targets.
    • Show them how to use punctuation to make meaning clear to their reader.
    • Give them the knowledge and the strategies to become confident and accurate spellers.
    • Teach them a fluent and legible style of handwriting, promoting an understanding of how to present work appropriately.
    • Make writing purposeful linked to a topic and other areas of the curriculum.
    • Mark work in a way which enables children to independently reflect and improve their work.
  • For further information on how to help your child develop their reading and writing, please feel free to speak with your class teacher or the school’s English lead, Mrs Dickens. Alternatively, please feel free to browse the following four attachments:

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